Anon/Koch chats. AFL-CIO #OPWisc

Monday, April 16th, 2012

UPDATE AT BOTTOM!! (4/17/12 @ 2:15pm)

When Anonymous joined forces with the labour unions in Wisconsin they, just like the little lemmings they are, followed orders and attempted to attack Koch Industry sites. These are excerpts of the chats that I was in with links to the files they were using to get their LOIC (Lame Ordinary Internet Cannon). In addition to Koch Americans for Prosperity was also targeted. Interestingly enough the president had, at this time, called the group out by name in a public address.

Ya see, when everyone is “anonymous” and a group is “leaderless” failure is inevitable. The enemy can participate. The enemy can lead. The enemy can, enjoy a cold beer and smile at the fail in real time.

*Some names are omitted because they are still operational even in the last days of Anonymous

Upon entering IRC the lemmings were pointed here

And more importantly to the Pirate Pad entry with a complete overview of #OPWisconsin. You will see it again in the chat but to familiarise yourself with their targets, intentions, and allies please view before proceeding. DOCUMENT HERE

2-28-11 Excerpts of IRC chats

[15:26] <seufhu> here folks!! STARTS IN % MINS!!!  “Koch Internship Program
[15:26] <seufhu> Unsure of applying for the Koch Internship Program? Sign up for a webinar on Monday February 28th at 3:30pm EST to have your final questions answered!  REGISTER HERE:”
[15:26] <seufhu> a good way to stir up some shit
[15:26] <TheMiNd> Rocknar: its one thing for you to try and debate, its another thing to just sit here chatting off topic
[15:26] <seufhu> in 5 mins
[15:26] <cerkit> I plan to spend the evening FB api’ing those 2 FB pages.
[15:26] <Rocknar> You just brought up the middle east.
[15:26] == nawris [] has left #opwisconsin []
[15:26] <anonsdg>
[15:26] <cerkit> And looking for wall posts like this one: Tara Shaughnessy (Summer .10) recently accepting a new position and will be moving to Capitol Hill in January. Congrats!

[15:27] <fleece> this is about ready:

[15:27] == wevas has changed nick to wevzz
[15:27] == opw_6561 [opw_6561@72B4B531.A3B64FE3.1777F209.IP] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[15:27] <Rocknar> Did _I_ bring that topic up?
[15:27] <seufhu> aahh, comeon… no one wants to get in on the Koch webinar and have some fun???
[15:27] <mreric> OKAY YOU PIECE OF SHITS.
[15:27] <mreric> TARGET:
[15:27] == EmissaryAnon [] has joined #opwisconsin
[15:28] <mreric> SETTINGS:
[15:28] <cerkit> thats the only viable target
[15:28] <cerkit> the rest have yet to be pen tested
[15:28] <cerkit> we’re still gathering intel
[15:28] <rawksolid976> Rocknar STFU I was explaining why Obama is irrelevant to this topic
[15:28] <rawksolid976> Get on topic or GTFO
[15:29] <cerkit> do I need to explain what LOIC non-pen tested sites will do to our ability to pen test them later?

[15:30] <cerkit> we’re targetting critical components of their infrastructure for pen tests
[15:30] <@wevz> ok
(REDACTED-4 lines)
[15:32] <mreric> is a go, or no?
[15:32] <TheMiNd> But we NEED to split up the channels
[15:32] <@wevz> there has been this whole night
[15:32] <calatalee555> yes but it is growing under
[15:32] == unknownDike [] has joined #opwisconsin
[15:32] <@wevz> it was always
[15:32] <weevilb4eevil> its really not that messed up
[15:32] <cerkit> wevz: your call
[15:32] <@wevz>  but im tryin to hear ya
[15:32] <Karova> News says koch brothers opened lobbying office in Madison
[15:33] <weevilb4eevil>  dont want to LOIC koch industries because are trying to get internal emails and put seizore notice on their site
[15:33] <@wevz> can you check out kochind?
[15:33] <weevilb4eevil> we dont want to just DDOC kochind
[15:33] <cerkit> weevilb4eevil: I was told a whole other group then the tech channel, is doing some other pen tests

[15:34] <weevilb4eevil> target americansforprosperity for the LOIC. pen test koch industries
[15:41] <@wevz> we are loicing
[15:41] <MrE> Sweet! I just found an article about the  Koch brothers attack. I hate all the 2nd hand info.
[15:41] == snaaaakesnaaaake has changed nick to ooitsasnaaaaake
[15:41] == badgerbadgerbadger has changed nick to aSnakeASnakeOHitsASnake
[15:41] == opwisconsin701 [] has quit [Ping timeout]
[15:41] <seufhu> guys, is the aflcio site down?
[15:41] <KatieCouric> lets not spam with Name changes please.
[15:41] <@wevz> and
[15:41] <seufhu> or being hit?
[15:41] <mreric> not americansforprosperity?
[15:41] <rawksolid976> I’m pretty sure AFLCIO was getting DDoS’d yes

Group believes DDoS on AFL-CIO was done by th3j35t3r. It was not. But as a collective their thought process is rather simple and one-track

[15:45] <rawksolid976> fuckingmagnets:  I’m not positive, but the AFLCIO posted the window welding blog post and within minutes the side was brought to its knees.  I’m guessing DDoS but it could just be the Twitter effect
[15:45] <Hawkeye-X> loic underway at
[16:05] <Anon3595> kitten: I’m fucking w/ Koch’s mailserver because I enjoy this
[16:06] <Anon3595> not because I think a buncha whiny liberal sissies are right
[16:06] <Anon3595> fyi, port 90035
[16:06] <Anon3595> I’m sorry, “progressives” is what queer loving idiots like to be called now 😐
[16:06] <~antivigilante> Magnanimous believes in lulz ->

(REDACTED-6 lines)

The attack on Koch ultimately failed. The full chats show why nut to sum it all up a bunch of new fags decided they wanted to be 1337 h4x0rs and couldnt figure out how to push the “fire” button on the LOIC. Also it helps when you have a few people in the room distracting the ADD crew 🙂

Full logs and all users ID’s will be coming-Stay tuned. Oh and if you were in that chat and and popped your cherry that night you can leave a comment and ask that I not release your name. I’ll grant it. To tell you the truth I sort of feel bad for all the first timers who were just looking for something cool to be a part of. And I believe in redemption


Dr. Rocket

UPDATE!!! Just for the proof that #Anonymous did the bidding of the AFL-CIO and the Democrat party (as if you couldnt tell from the chats). Here is their tweet reminding the unions to reciprocate support.

Courtesy of @Liberty_Chick

Click pic for original link


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