Dropping names like a Boss!! Not so Anonymous now are ya?

Monday, April 16th, 2012

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These will be deleted fairly quickly. Audio chats of Barrett Brown where he drops all sorts of names. Maybe some of the Anons can help define “Legion” for me. Everything from legal issues to the details of everything that the key players have done. So much for OPSEC. Now thats some Lulz right there

Barrett Brown shows ya how to keep ’em talking part 1

Cabin Crew, Team Poison, their own members and what they have been doing…elite operator Barrett Brown , also owner of echelon website that has 1337 out of date google dorks to help everyone become super h4x0rs

Part 2

“Thomas Ryan is a fucking jerk-off. I dont know why on earth he thinks he can even live at this point.” This from the so-called promoters of tolerance and free speech. Rhetorical question: If they had the ability to shut him down, would they? Of course. The group will go to extreme measures to silience their opposition. Ironically enough they fought against that in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, etc. But in the nation where free speech actually exists they seem to have different rules.

Part 3

Starts with video game talk then Barrett says he is going to visit his dad in Kansas. Those property records will be posted later with the full documentation.

Important: Brown claims he can not get a concealed carry permit because he has outstanding warrants. Well, when the FBI paid him a visit recently why didn’t the local police accompany them and arrest him? After all, if they were federal level arrest warrants the FBI wouldve served him. So if he does have any outstanding warrants they are local. Or, the FBI was accompanied by a local sheriff and he was served on those warrants which was then used as leverage to get him to keep talking. After all, he seems to like to talk a lot. What do you think most likely happened? Im going with the FBI came to ask him questions, took him into custody, and started bargaining with him before and during his attorney finally making it down to the North Texas US Attorneys office.

Special note: On this section hes asked if he knows the Wynne family. He says “no” but then once he is told its Angus Wynne the one who started the Six Flags parks in Texas Brown retracts and offers the possibility that his parents might because his dad was wealthy in the 80’s.

Also-the caller talks in details about one of his jobs. Take notes kiddies. And remember, the Goggle is your friend.

Part 4

Caller talks about the best Anonymous hacking team he has ever seen, (“damn impressive”) how they release info, stay under the radar, etc. and the fact that they do everything correctly. (Sounds like they are smart and disciplined-qualities Brown never developed) Brown, so full of himself offers his help. (LOL) Yeah, Im sure RevolutionSec or RevoluSec cant wait to get Brown in there since he has done so well at staying under the radar 🙂

Wikileaks talks, Cabin Crew, etc. Talks about how this time they are going to do it right and how close and tight they kept all the info and strategy. “We got years of emails”. Here Brown is made aware of upcoming criminal acts. At this point it is only a “conspiracy” charge. But those eventually add up. And Brown knows it. He speaks about the operators behind #MetalGear and says that “two have been arrested, one is in hiding, and then there is me.” Tick tock

Caller claims AnonPanda was “very active” in many operations and says that he couldn’t have done #OPOrlando without him. He also believes AnonPanda’s computer was seized and confirms he was held for 4 hours by authorities. Upon release the erratic texts to other Anons began; and became a serious reason for concern.



Special thanks to Bill Jones for Uploading these audio clips. Check out his other Barrett Brown clips on his youtube page there are some nice discussions with Brown concerning attorney client privilege, and a call to Stratfor’s Kevin Stech


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