Trivia: Guess the Anon OP :)

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Oh this should be fun. Below is a small excerpt of IRC chat of an Anon OP that ended up being larger than the fail boat. Your job is to guess the OP. Just like all Anonymous fail ops the chat logs were never published. Naturally they only publish all the info on things that work. Go ahead and try to google the chat text. You wont get any results

PROTIP: Most Anonymous OPs have failed. You only hear about the ones that sort of worked. Stratfor is a good example of that. However, that was the lamest hack in world history. ZOMG! persons that work in the security field have signed up for Stratfors newsletter….SCANDALOUS!! That is like hacking the buyer list of TJ Maxx and saying “Scandal at TJ Maxx, buyers names released; all involved in apparel industry.” Wow.

So, the mystery IRC chats logs excerpted. Can you guess the OP?

Just like with most of the chat logs I will be posting some names have been censored, removed, etc along with entire lines of chats. But that may not be necessary too much longer as Anonymous is tearing itself apart right now.

BTW-I am “Parker Lewis” because he cant lose 🙂

April XX, 2011

18:54troll: hey
18:57troll: is inspite the right word to use “Inspite of this”
19:00Commissar: “Despite this” might sound better.
19:01troll: we need a diffrent word in paragraph 2 then. imo
19:01Fibrewire: ahoi hoi
19:02troll: howdy
19:02troll: nice work so far btw red. Your a major help
19:06troll: thanks (REDACTED)
19:08stayfrosty: septscelles is obviously a trol. I am sure he is laughing at everyone wasting their time reading through the useless info

^^^ “stayfrosty”? LOL Is that who I think it is? Nope-I scanned their ass and they were a junior troll reporter (NY Post)
19:10troll: agreed
19:11troll: k
19:11troll: what do you guys think of it?
19:11troll: think its ready to be made into an image?
19:11Commissar: np troll
19:12Commissar: I need to take another read over it.
19:12Commissar: Gimme a few minutes.
19:12troll: no rush
19:13Parker Lewis: Do you have the unecrypted link to **********? might help to prove these are “secrets”
19:14Parker Lewis: *arent
19:15troll: lemme find it
19:15papers: can we get some kind of link/context for barret brown?
19:16Commissar: Yeah, I’m still not sure what this whole thing is about, lol. I just have bits and pieces fo the story from RT.
19:17********: wtf is “operation ******”
19:17Parker Lewis: I think the reference to HB Gary and Chamber tactics should be pulled, heres why: Arent we just calling “bullshit” on the whole thing? If so, that reference defeats the purpose of the statement.
19:18unnamed: I disagree, Parker, because it shows a motive for somebody pulling this kind of crap.
19:19papers: it does seem a little paranoid as written

^^^ LOL. Seed planted. ADD takes over in Anon. Easiest thing evrar
19:19unnamed: And besides, why miss an opportunity to remind people of the dirty tricks these people are capable of?
19:19papers: but i think the HB gary stuff should stay
19:20unnamed: Plus we have the possibility that it’s just a troll in there too.
19:20Parker Lewis: because anyone that follows this is still going to getting a raging hard on as soon as they hear its from the chamber-anyone reading this will know exactly what they are looking at
19:21Commissar: Why not just claim that this *is* an attempt by the Chamber to discredit Anon, be this a troll or not?
19:21troll: commissar cause the info may be good

^^^ LOL-first time Ive seen solid logic in an IRC chat from Anons in my whole life. Moar please 😉

19:21troll: we dont know
19:21Commissar: If it’s a troll, and they come out saying ‘U MAD?’, we just go ‘STFU SPAI!’

19:21Parker Lewis: SPAI like Neal Rauhauser? LOL
19:21***********: Yeah, I take it it hasn’t been thoroughly examined yet. Ruahauser facepalm.jpg = elder roody poo nigra
19:21Parker Lewis: bc if it isnt credibility is shot-address it, and let everyone run wild
19:22Commissar: That way, we control the social reality and we make the feds look bad either way.
19:22Commissar: The atual truth does not matter. Only the spin does.

^^^ Love that honesty. Goes back to my previous post and how the lemmings of Anon were ideologically driven. AFL-CIO tells them to go get’em; they do so. Facts dont matter. If you can spin it well than you win. A fucking shame-zero integrity

19:22Commissar: *actual
19:23unnamed: Hmm, we have 3 decidedly different approaches here. 🙂
19:23unnamed: Anyone else want to weigh in?
19:24troll: yep
19:24troll: voice your opinon
19:24troll: septcelles is agod
19:24troll: in mythology
19:24troll: lets look it up
19:25troll: i think
19:25troll: i’ve been gold at least
19:25********: nice editing work btw guys
19:26*****: im working with *********** on getting more info on this dude rauhauser btw. cointelpro possible
19:26Commissar: My opinion is that we spin this as an ‘obvious attempt to sabatage and discredit’, and we mention the appropriate orghans of government with quotes.
19:26Commissar: *organs
19:27troll: okay
19:27troll: heres some more info (REDACTED)
19:27Parker Lewis: then we need to make it clear whois attempting the sabotage. is it septcelles? (LOL-Its me!!)
19:27troll: we arent sure its sabotage yet, but its VERY possible it is
19:28Commissar: According to us, it will be the FBI through the CoC.
19:28Commissar: Regardless fo whether it is true or not, it looks credible enough to be true.
19:29Commissar: That credibility will allow us to cast ourselves as the victims of a covert government operation.
19:29Commissar: Which we already are, anyway.
19:29Commissar: Just maybe not in that exact light.
19:30unnamed: I’m not much for drama myself. I think we should take a more hand-wavey approach.
19:30unnamed: Like, yeah, we saw through this BS.
19:30unnamed: But I know this is in good hands either way.
19:30unnamed: So I shall take my leave.
19:30troll: either way we need to get some thing out
19:30troll: soon
19:30troll: so the news doesnt start running with it
19:30troll: before the damage is done
19:31unnamed: Later brothers .
19:31troll: later
19:31troll: im gonna make a poster
19:31troll: and post it to anonnews
19:31troll: thanks for your help
19:31Commissar: np
19:32Commissar: Good luck with this, regardless of which route is ultimately chosen!
19:32Parker Lewis: its already hit the news-thats why I think we just call BS. Seriously, is there anyone here that cant scrape up old dox? (Maybe-after all newfags were everywhere like it was a newfag convention)

So your job is to ID the OP. But there is one part that I found extremely interesting. That was the mention of Democrat party operative Neal Rauhauser. I am just starting to learn more about this character but so far it looks as if they (FBI) had used him (and he willingly participated) in helping bring the V&’s to anon members. He has claimed to be FBI and yet Barrett Brown knowing this accepted him in and encourage other Anons to open up to him. But I digress, I believe at this point the US Attorneys office of Northern Texas already drafted most of the criminal complaint against Barrett Brown and he was cooperating and following the advice of his attorney. (Believed to be Liederman & Crew-that was brought to the group by Rauhauser)

Have fun. Updates on this post coming soo. Leave your ideas in the comments. And once again if you were an Anon prepare for the FBI-Barrett Brown has already turned over his computer for forensic analysis. If you are concerned try CCleaner’s erase hard drive option.

Thanks for teh lulz

Dr. Rocket


You can not arrest an idea. But you can arrest newfags and trigger massive amounts of butthurt. Special thanks to @Pavel Leroux and @testeux1

You can not arrest an idea. No shit. Its called freedom


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