LEAK: Barrett Brown & N TX US Attorney Office

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Happy now?

Ask yourself the question—Barrett Brown gave the exclusive right to publish the papers from his “raid” on the 24th of April. Before we only know of his raid about from the entry he makes on PasteBin.


He only says FBI raids him and what they want to retrieve. There is not a mention of the US Attorney official office in N. Texas district. That comes on April 24 with the BuzzFeed Exclusive wherein he lets them publish the official documents


Now, we must go back in our time control machine from our earlier posts where we made specific the reference of the Northern Texas US Attorneys Office. Here I show to you-April 17—Exactly one week before Brown publishes his docs from N Texas US Attorneys office

“at this point the US Attorneys office of Northern Texas already drafted most of the criminal complaint against Barrett Brown and he was cooperating and following the advice of his attorney.”

ah once is nice but twice is much better :::: April 17th again

“A few things are happening. We will post leaked details of the deal Brown and his attorney have made with the FBI (US Attorney’s office for Northern Texas trying to figure out the charges for their complaint).”

Here I make the theory of what has happened currently. But is it a “theory”??? From hacked phone calls published April 16th

“Im going with the FBI came to ask him questions, took him into custody, and started bargaining with him before and during his attorney finally making it down to the North Texas US Attorneys office.”

Brown never makes mention about his case being handled out of the N Texas US Attorney office until one week ago on BuzzFeed exclusive. So how come I know exactly the details all of BB’s case one week before that?


Some things I must say because now is the proper time.

The US Attorneys office in Northern Texas is not responsibly for the leak of info on the Barrett Brown complaint. The weak link is always the same.

Pay close attention to the audio in the third part. (From original full post-sticky here) BB talks about going to Kansas. A wonderful circumstance took place. A ‘tipster” to the FBI snitched by providing info online; from Kansas IP. Normally BB would hide his IP but many Anons now believe that in order for his attorney to start working a deal they needed to make the confirmation of his help. Cant do that if youre behind seven proxies. So did his attorney tell him to make the tip from Kansas so he could take the info to the agents and say “see, my client is cooperating”?

In last link that is the post with Barrett’s hacked chats. I have not made the identification of the other person for a good reason. But I WILL when the time is right. All of his basses are already belong to me for many months.

And just now I am finally beginning. Dear Barrett, you got pwned and it isnt over yet


One comment on “LEAK: Barrett Brown & N TX US Attorney Office

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